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Assessment | JULY 9-11, 2024 | ATLANTA, GA

Why RUF?

A Mission that Matters

College is a marketplace of ideas. For millions of students, it’s a time when their beliefs are challenged, new perspectives are encountered, and major life decisions are made. This is where RUF shows up. Ministry staff head to campus each day to love students, teach the scriptures, and build communities that embody Christ’s love. The impact of RUF stretches beyond the college years; it prepares students to love Jesus for a lifetime. 

A Place You Are Cared For  

Let’s face it — ministry can be a tough road. In RUF, we proactively push back on the tendencies that can leave ministers feeling isolated or exhausted. Whether it’s the life-giving community you have with fellow RUF Campus Ministers or the shepherding provided by Area Coordinators, we want our staff to experience the care we seek to bring to college students. As one Campus Minister put it, “Even on my hardest days, I know I am not alone.”

A Place You Can Grow

RUF is a place where you can exercise your ministry gifts as you grow personally and professionally. To equip and refresh our staff, we gather twice a year for week-long staff trainings where Campus Ministers have the opportunity to learn in a community that does ministry together. Campus Ministers spend time with their peers, reflecting on themselves and their ministry work, as well as time in formal trainings where experts help them think practically and theologically about ministry. Our goal is to provide the support that each Campus Minister needs in order to approach this job from a place of spiritual and professional health.

Our People

What does a Campus Minister Do? 

The ministry and mission of Jesus Christ anchors the work of RUF Campus Ministers. We serve on college campuses, shepherding students and seeking to build communities that bear witness to His grace, on campus and beyond.

Growing genuine relationships is key to building those communities. As we gather students together, both Christian and non-Christian, we work to foster a culture of listening in humility, serving others with joy, and teaching the Scriptures with confidence. This means that we’re not just servants of the table of God’s grace, but also guests! 

We aim to reach college students with the hope of the Gospel and to equip believers to become mature as whole Christians — knowing God and themselves — so they can then serve the campus, church, and the world.

As a Campus Minister, developing relationships extends beyond pastoring the student body. It means leading, mentoring, and shepherding the RUF Interns and Campus Staff on your ministry team as you serve together. It means connecting with staff in the university community, local churches, and individuals who support our ministry work on campus. But most importantly, it means growing in a deepening relationship with Christ through serving with RUF.

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Are you interested in serving as a Campus Ministry Assistant?

Do you have prior experience in campus ministry or partial seminary work completed? Are you exploring if ordination in the PCA is in your future? Consider working as an RUF Campus Ministry Assistant. 

Campus Ministry Assistants hone ministry skills under the mentorship of a veteran RUF Campus Minister, cultivate and identify donor partner relationships through fundraising,  complete seminary degrees part time as their study program (optional), and work toward clarifying a desire for ordination and future work as a Campus Minister.