US college campuses play host to more international students than any other nation. These students are future leaders who will help shape our global culture.

The goal of RUF International is to welcome people from all nations and reflect God’s grace to an international audience. We seek to encourage these students with the hope of the Gospel and equip kingdom ambassadors for the church worldwide.

What We Do


Biblical hospitality is the backbone of our RUF International ministries. Currently, there are more than one million international students on US college campuses, but 75% of them will never enter a local home while they are living here. We welcome students from around the world by hosting cultural events that foster opportunities for these scholars to build genuine friendships with people in the local community and to learn from other students from various cultures. 


We explore the Gospel of Jesus Christ with international students both on and off-campus. We do this by gathering together with Christians from local churches to host discussion meetings, dinners, and small group Bible studies. The heart of our ministry is to introduce our international friends to the hope that is only found in Jesus Christ.


Equipping students to love Jesus and his church for a lifetime is our greatest calling. When international students become followers of Christ and citizens of God’s eternal kingdom, we seek to prepare them to be His ambassadors in their home countries or wherever God has appointed them to serve. 

Our work extends outside the college campus, as well. We equip the local church and volunteers to participate in all different aspects of RUF-I, in order that they might grow their cross-cultural understanding, build lifelong relationships, and see how God is at work among the nations on US college campuses.

Where We Are

In the late 1980s, a few men and women in the PCA saw a need: to care for international students and visiting scholars on US college campuses. They were drawn to the opportunity to show those students the love of Jesus, and so the ministry of RUF International began. Since then, RUF-I has grown to over 30 staff on 23 campuses across the country. Each year, RUF-I continues to expand by starting ministries on new campuses or hiring more ministry staff who desire to build gospel friendships with international students.

There are 25 International Campuses in the U.S.


Getting Involved

Are you a student?

Whether you are an international student looking for community, or an American student interested in building friendships with international students on your campus, find your RUF-International campus ministry here.

Interested in international ministry?

There are many ways to serve with RUF International. If you are a college student, click here to learn more about becoming an Intern with RUF-I when you graduate. If you are in seminary or are considering longer-term ministry opportunities, contact us to learn more about our Campus Minister and Campus Staff positions.

Looking for a way to support RUF International?

Our RUF-I ministry staff and students love to connect with the local church, and there are many opportunities to volunteer with the RUF-I ministry near you. 

We are also eager to continue growing the footprint of RUF-I, and are looking for presbytery partners to help us evaluate new opportunities. 

The work of RUF-I depends on the financial contributions, prayers, and encouragement of our generous supporters to help grow and sustain our ministry.

To learn more about any of these opportunities to get involved, contact our RUF International team:

Chris Morrison, Area Coordinator for RUF International, at

Chad Brewer, Assistant Coordinator for RUF-I and RUF-G, at