2023 Ministry Report

Reaching students for Christ and equipping them to serve.

In 1973, RUF’s founders set out to create a college ministry that would reach students for Christ and equip them to serve. This year we’ve had the joy and privilege of celebrating God’s great faithfulness to RUF and the work he’s done through this ministry over the past 50 years.

Will Huss headshot

“Our theme for this anniversary year is Bright Hope for Tomorrow, reflecting our belief that Jesus is our bright hope, and that God is using RUF to prepare students for a lifetime of loving him.”

Will Huss, National Coordinator



students weekly


“Our ‘No Lunch Alone’ challenge was partly inspired by a class research study that revealed a lot about the way students interact with food, technology, and community. Many students reported using technology to distract themselves from the loneliness of eating alone, and themes of anxiety, depression, social disconnect, and insecurity all influenced satiety and satisfaction during and after meals.

As people who have been radically and relationally transformed by the necessary community of the Gospel, our team desired to become the most hospitable place on campus by encouraging students to boldly move past the awkwardness of sharing a meal with someone you don’t know very well.

I was continually impressed by the boldness of new and seasoned RUF-ers who invited strangers to lunch and made meeting someone new a regular goal over those two weeks.

Praise God that we have such a profound example of the ministry of food and fellowship through Christ Jesus; our Brother consistently shared meals with people who didn’t know him. What a gift it is to know that we are welcome at his table.”

Emily | RUF Student


1-1 Meetings Between RUF Ministry Staff and Students Happen Each Week

7,000+ students participated
in more than 110 regional conferences, trips, and retreats


total students from 130 ministries attended Summer Conference


in scholarships given to more than 1,700 students so they could attend SuCo

“Jesus has shown this denomination a great deal of kindness, and that’s what we’re here to celebrate and be encouraged by. These hymns have been woven through RUF and the PCA for years and are part of the fabric of who we are. We’re all thankful for Indelible Grace— the reality of it, and the music. I hope this time is encouraging to you; these talents are encouraging to you. We’re reminded of God’s rich love for us.”


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