The college years are when many are asking big questions, facing hardships, seeing sin, and also experiencing great joys all while having enough free time to let a pastor walk with them. So you get the opportunity to be with, pray for, and point students to Jesus. Then it’s a joy to watch the Holy Spirit change them over their college years and then leave loving Jesus and the church.

– Brian Sorgenfrei, 10th Year Campus Minister

What We Do

RUF reaches college students at universities in the US with the hope of Christ and equips them for a lifetime of flourishing and service in the church, their community, and the wider world.  Almost 20 million students live, learn, and lean into their adult endeavors on college campuses each year.   

RUF sends ordained, and seminary-trained pastors to build healthy student communities that grow up into and live out of the transforming grace of God in Christ. Campus staff and interns play an integral part in building relationships and developing vibrant student-led ministry on campus.  

We partner with local churches and individuals to share the vision and task of the vital ministry of loving the college campus next door. We also seek to connect and commend students to a life lived out in community with the church.  

Where We Are

From its start at the University of Southern Mississippi in 1973, RUF has grown numerically and geographically to over 150 campuses staffed by more than 400 Campus Ministers, Campus Staff, and Interns.  We have RUF ministries in 41 states, from New Hampshire to Florida, Michigan to Texas, the coast of North Carolina to California, and Washington D.C. to Hawaii. There are more than 3,300 colleges and universities in the United States, and we want to see new RUFs planted throughout the nation, more fully reflecting the beauty and diversity of the Kingdom of God.    

There are 158 RUF campuses


Getting Involved

Are you a student?

Whether you are a college student looking for a community, a place to learn about Jesus, or a place to ask hard questions, we’d love to get to know you. Find your RUF campus ministry here.

Interested in campus ministry?

There are many ways to serve with RUF. If you are a college student, click here to learn more about becoming an RUF Intern when you graduate. If you are in seminary or are considering longer-term ministry opportunities, contact us to learn more about our Campus Minister and Campus Staff positions.

Looking for a way to support RUF?

If you’d like to support RUF ministry staff, you can find us here. Our staff and students also love to connect with the local church and hear from alumni. 

We are also eager to continue growing the footprint of RUF and are looking for presbytery partners to help us evaluate new opportunities. If you’d like to know more, please contact Keith Berger at