Intern Training:One Week Countdown

July Intern training begins in ONE WEEK out in Colorado! As we look forward to a whole crop of new and returning interns, it’s not too early to begin thinking about the internship for yourself.

Are you a senior thinking through post-grad options? Over the next few weeks, we’ll be hearing from some interns here on the RUF Blog. If you’ve read anything about the RUF internship before, you’ve heard it said that “it is impossible not to grow!” That statement has proven to be true over and over, and the maturing that has meant the most to our interns over the years is the spiritual growth they experienced while serving in the internship. Through putting faith into real life practice as you interact with your campus minister, students and the local church, our interns have the opportunity to thrive and be challenged through the work of the Holy Spirit.

The internship, like any future job post college, provides the chance to experience both successes and failures, but uniquely here at RUF, you are supplied with direct access to pastoral care as you do this good work. As an intern, you’re provided with a boss, a friend, and a pastor in your Campus Minister. The relationship you develop with him will be one of mentoring and discipleship. For the two years of your internship, your Campus Minister will shepherd you, teach you, challenge you, call you to repentance, and share his family with you. Our hope is that under the pastorship of your Campus Minister you are able to grow in a deeper understanding of discipleship as you minister to college students and love the local church.

From raising funds to planning events to connecting with others, the internship provides you with many different opportunities that will grow your ability to self-start and lead in a variety of ways.  RUF interns are solely reliant on the generosity of the Church and individuals for support. Raising support is not an easy task. Learning how to raise money for the ministry of RUF will teach you how to speak to people in a professional way, how to ask people to come alongside you in your work, how to grow  your administrative skillset, and how to responsibly time manage and meet deadlines. This program really is a great way to transition out of college.

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