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The campus intern is a “learning/ministering” position. The RUF Internship will teach interns to minister through training, directed study, and practical experience under an ordained campus minister.

These nine categories are a broad look at the RUF Intern job responsibilities.

1. Fundraising

Fundraising is the first, and one of the most crucial responsibilities an intern has. Working on campus is dependent on fundraising. During the summer months, interns are expected to maintain their support account. During the school year, if an intern dips into an account warning, fundraising once again becomes priority over campus work.

2. Intern Study Program

The Study Program begins the first month of employment. 15 hours of each work week should be devoted to the Study Program. Interns are expected to complete the assigned reading in a typed report to their campus minister and area coordinator by the first of every month.

3. One-on-One Ministry

Interns are primarily responsible to meet with freshmen and fringe students. Interns may meet with committed students or rising leadership if the campus minister sees fit. The goal of one-on- one ministry is the identification of the spiritual condition of students, determining how to best minister to students, and connection to Christian community.

4. Small Groups

Ministry Team – Intern attendance at core group is up to the discretion of the campus minister. Interns are to participate as observers and interact with the campus minister.

Interns are not to act or be viewed as core group members.

Observing Small Group – First year interns are to observe their campus minister leading at least two different types of small groups per semester. Second year interns should observe their campus minister leading at least one different type of small group per semester.

Leading Small Groups – The goal of the intern is to lead modified, inductive Bible studies and not book studies. A first year-first semester intern may not lead a Bible study, though they may help lead a small group. First year-second semester interns are to lead one modified inductive Bible study. Second year interns are to lead at least one modified inductive Bible study per semester. Interns may not lead more than three small groups (Bible study; book study; prayer or social group) per semester.

Prayer Groups – Interns are to be facilitators in encouraging small groups for prayer. Groups should not be built around common interests, academic pursuits, living areas, concerns, or passions (evangelism, missions, etc.).

5. Large Group

Large group is a crucial point for group development and provides the intern a chance to meet students and connect them to the community. Therefore, weekly large group attendance is mandatory.

Interns are allowed to miss one large group per semester and only for extenuating circumstances that are pre-approved by the campus minister. This includes illness.

6. Campus Minister/Intern Meetings

Pastoral oversight and guidance provides one of the strongest means of growth for interns during the internship. Interns and campus ministers are advised to meet each week for three hours. The three hours are broken down into two sections and may be divided throughout the week as follows:

– 1.5 hours are to be devoted to personal subjects such as family, ministry struggles, church involvement, etc.

– 1.5 hours are to be devoted to the study program, and ministry specifics such as event planning, Bible study preparation, and one-on-one review.

Ministry Strategy and Events – The intern is to assist the campus minister in ministry implantation and strategy. This includes social events, conferences, public relations, etc.

7. Church Membership

Interns are required to join a local PCA church in the city in which they live within six months of moving.

8. Training

Training is a crucial element to the growth and development of an intern and their ministry. For this reason, all orientation and training events are mandatory. The only exceptions include death in the family or birth of your child. There will be no exceptions for weddings.

Orientation takes place in early June and is mandatory for employment. If unable to attend Orientation, then a make-up session will be made available. If unable to attend a make-up session, the intern’s employment will be terminated.

July Staff Training takes place at the end of July and is mandatory for employment. If unable to attend July Staff Training, please notify the Director of Internships.

There is also a mandatory October Intern Training that takes place in October. A calendar of events can be found at under the Staff Portal.

9. Counseling

Interns are required to see a counselor/coach once every 3 weeks (at minimum). RUF Partners with an organization called The Rest Initiative (TRI). After completing an online forum, interns will be matched with a TRI counselor/coach via skype, FaceTime, Google Hangout, etc. If the intern prefers to increase visits or see someone in person, that can be arranged after talking to the Intern Department.

10. Other duties as assigned by the Campus Minister