University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Join us Wednesday at 8:15 PM at First Presbyterian Church Student Center

All students are welcome to RUF at UTC, regardless of personal or religious background. We welcome the "convinced" and "unconvinced" and invite all students, no matter where they are, to RUF as we consider the truth claims of Christianity together.

We want RUF to be a place where a student can come with questions, find fellowship with others, worship God, serve others, and grow in their knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ and His work on their behalf.

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Wednesdays at 8:15 PM
First Presbyterian Church Student Center (535 McCallie Ave.)


Meet Our Team

John Mark Scruggs

John Mark Scruggs


John Mark was born and raised in Northeast Mississippi. He graduated from the University of Mississippi where he studied History and English. Two years after graduation, he moved to seminary in St. Louis, MO to study at Covenant Theological Seminary. There he met and married Caroline Lamberth, who was also attending Covenant. Both earned graduate degrees and moved to Chattanooga to partner in campus minister for RUF at UTC.

The Scruggs have three fun and busy children - Mary Margaret, Jack, and Sam. John Mark enjoys long dinners, family walks, impromptu dance parties with his kids, reading, exploring bookstores, and meeting others at coffee shops in Chattanooga.

Jaimie Pastori

Jaimie Pastori


Jaimie grew up in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. She attended the University of Central Florida and graduated in 2013, with a degree focusing on Education, Behavioral & Social Sciences, and Hospitality Management. As a student at UCF, the welcoming nature of RUF drew her in. The relationships gained and gospel truths she learned during these formative years were life-changing.

Being transformed by her experience of the gospel through RUF and her local church, Jaimie felt called to work for RUF post-grad! She started the RUF internship at Winthrop University in 2014 and after completing three years, she felt called to stay on as Campus Staff. In 2020, the Lord called her to leave Rock Hill (Rock Thrill) and start her role as Campus Staff at UT Chattanooga!

Jaimie loves drinking tea, going on walks, baking (despite the many fails), pop culture, having people in her home, and getting to know college students!