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Join us for Table Talk (on-campus dinner and Bible discussion) every Tuesday from 7 - 9pm

Being a long way from home can be really difficult, especially when you are faced with the challenge of navigating a new culture and language. Texas A&M has nearly 6,000 international students coming from around 120 nations. RUF International is here to welcome international students and scholars from around the world in Christ's name to Texas A&M University!

As an international student, we are here to help you navigate life outside of the classroom! In addition to your studies, we want to assist with any questions you may have, help you experience the local culture, develop lasting cross-cultural friendships, and better understand who Jesus Christ is and what he has done to bring hope to all nations. Come join us for what we hope will be an exciting and life-changing experience!

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Table Talk (on-campus dinner and Bible discussion)

Tuesday from 7 to 9pm

Friday Night Dinner and Bible Discussion

Friday from 6:30 to 8:30pm
Alternating between the Gustafson's and Wilson's Home


Meet Our Team

Titus Bagby

Titus Bagby

Campus Minister

Titus is a fighting Texas Aggie class of 2010, graduating with a bachelors degree in Industrial Distribution. He and his wife, Crystal, met while studying at Texas A&M and were married in July of 2011. They have two daughters, Brighton (4) and Blaire (2), who are constantly keeping them busy but bring them so much joy with their contagious smiles.

Titus received his Masters of Divinity degree from Reformed Theological Seminary in Dallas, Texas. Before Seminary and kids, both Titus and Crystal enjoyed the experience of living overseas as international students in China for two years as foreign exchange students. They understand some of the challenges that students face living abroad, in another culture and speaking another language. These experiences have cultivated a strong desire within them to extend welcome and friendship to those who are living far from home. They sincerely desire that RUF International can be place where students experience a home away from home as they also have the opportunity to explore the good news of Jesus Christ.

Hannah Blankenship

Hannah Blankenship


Hannah has lived most of her life in Huntsville, Alabama, and graduated from Mississippi State University with a double major in Journalism and Spanish and a minor in Business Administration.
Getting involved in RUF at MSU was like a breath of grace and wisdom from the second she attended her first large group. Hannah met her best friends and roommates through RUF and is very sad to leave, but so excited to give back to the organization that gave her so much.
Her senior year, Hannah and her friend started an international ministry through RUF and loved it. Hannah can’t wait to minister full-time to international students in Texas— and explore the West. She loves reading, playing soccer, practicing Spanish, and enjoying the great outdoors with her friends.

Joshua Coleman