Summer Conference: Rest & Know You’re Loved

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

My name is Meliah Grant. I was born and raised in Jackson, MS and I just finished my undergrad at Ole Miss! I got involved with RUF right before my freshman year when a friend invited me and I’ve been hooked ever since. I like going wherever the day takes me, but admittedly I spend a lot of time watching movies and napping.  My time with RUF and Ole Miss has been so sweet that I will still be there getting my Master’s in speech pathology!

What makes SuCo special to you?

I’ve beengoing to SuCo for 3 years. Every year, it comes after one of the most stressful times of the year— examssss. After a week— or even year— filled with stress and burdens and whatever else school/life throws your way, SuCo is this wonderful time where you get to put all of that aside and truly rest and be reminded of who you are and how loved you are. It also provides a neat opportunity to get to know people in your RUF because it’s not often that you get to spend an entire week of quality time with someone during the school year.

What is your favorite memory of SuCo?

Rooming with girls from Wesleyan College and the Ole Miss late night run to Whataburger to get honey butter chicken biscuits! It was our last adventure of SuCo and it was so cool to see how people who didn’t know each other in the beginning of the week became so close. We also brought back the Mannequin Challenge. 

What was your favorite seminar at SuCo this year?

I’m terrible at picking just one thing! I liked Asian American Christianity because I learned a lot about a different culture than mine, and I liked Dealing with Your Doubts and Defeaters because it was surprisingly encouraging and we got some really good questions answered.

What did you learn about yourself this year?

 I am learning how I can love others better when I live in the freedom and joy that God has given us through his sacrifice

What did you learn about Jesus this year?

There is nothing he wouldn’t do for us, and nothing can stop His love for us. He pursues us so relentlessly through our doubts and our shortcomings and even those he uses to work for our good.    

What would say to someone on the fence about attending SuCo?

If you’re reading this, you should be at SuCo! It’s a week at the beach with great people and great teaching and just so much FUN. No matter where you are in the Christian faith, or what activities you like to do, I guarantee there is something for you at SuCO. You get to choose your seminars. You get to choose what you do with your free time, and you get to rest. We want you there, so if there’s still anything holding you back, talk to your campus minister or intern!