God is at Work

“How’s it going on campus?” Sometimes in RUF, we answer this question with the reply “ask me in 10 years”.

In 2010, on two campuses 500 miles apart from one another, Nick Bratcher was at Western Kentucky University (WKU) and Robert Knuth on the campus of Washington and Lee. Both freshman, both indifferent to God and His gospel. But God was at work.

How is it going on campus, you might ask?

On February 21, 2021, Nick was ordained to the gospel ministry as the RUF Campus Minister at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. Giving the ordination charge was Robert Knuth, RUF Campus Minister at Michigan. Preaching the service was Fritz Games, pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian in Louisville, and Nick’s former Campus Minister at WKU. Leading the service was Jon Talley, the planting pastor of Christ Church in Milwaukee, and Robert’s former RUF campus minister at Washington and Lee.

How was it going on campus?

Eleven years later and we celebrate God’s work that led to an ordination service with two current Campus Ministers converted through the ministry of RUF and their two former Campus Ministers now pastoring churches.

How is it going on campuses across the country and the world? God is at work.