50 Voices for 50 Years | Ed Dunnington

50 for 50 | Ed Dunnington | President of Geneva Benefits Group | Former CM | Emory University

Join us as we reflect on God’s faithfulness to RUF over the past 50 years and look forward to the next 50 with our “50 Voices for 50 Years” series. After realizing the importance of connecting students to the local church, Ed joined RUF as a Campus Minister, working to create connections in his presbytery so that graduates could “grow in grace beyond college.”  We hope that you are encouraged by hearing Ed’s passion for how our theology shapes our teaching, thinking, and our lives!

Ed Dunnington’s story with RUF begins after college when realizing that out of 9 fellow friends and Christians that professed faith in college, only 3 remained. The only difference in those was their commitment to the local church. This realization eventually led Ed to discover RUF and its ability to reach and equip college students on the college campus. After finishing his degree at Covenant Seminary, Ed went on to start an RUF ministry at the University of Washington and see the Lord faithfully work and grow the college ministry, all while connecting the students to the local church.