A unique two-year experience designed to provide you, as a recent college graduate, the opportunity to learn under, and minister alongside, a seasoned campus minister.

Campus Staff

The RUF Campus Staff program is designed to offer women in the PCA who are called to vocational ministry, a place to serve. RUF Campus Staff can serve alongside and under the direction of a Campus Minister at a co-ed school, or as the RUF leader at an all-girls school. The heart of this ministry is to care for and disciple female students and help shepherd female interns as they minister to college students.

Campus ministers

Campus Ministers reach and equip students for Christ in a local campus context by – pastoring students, building a healthy student groups, leading and managing student and staff teams, develop ministry partners, for the sake of serving Christ, the campus and the church.

Campus Assistants

Campus (Ministry) Assistants are men who hone ministry skills under the mentorship of a veteran RUF Campus Minister, cultivate and identify donor partner relationships through fundraising, complete seminary degrees part-time as their study program (optional for part-time), and work toward clarifying a desire for ordination and future work as a Campus Minister.  This can be a full or part-time position with a multi-year duration.