2022 Ministry Report

Reaching students for Christ and equipping them to serve.

Two years ago, a new freshman showed up to RUF confused, concerned, and burdened. She came because her older sister did, but she stayed on the fringe, only taking part in 1-1s with our ministry staff. As we met with her, we invited her to ask questions and gave her space to learn what the Gospel really says.

Fast forward to 2022: she’s now a junior, more actively involved in Large Group, and this fall, she joined our church! She’s bringing friends to RUF events and has shared with our staff that she hopes she can be a safe place for her non-Christian friends to ask their questions. God is at work!

Alex | 9th Year Campus Staff
Will Huss headshot

“As we end 2022, we look forward to what God has in store as we celebrate RUF’s 50th Anniversary in 2023. We are grateful for your prayers and support — God is at work using them to change lives!”

Will Huss, National Coordinator



students weekly

Before big events like Homecoming, we partner with other student organizations for Campus Clean Up, a service event for student volunteers. About 100 students gather together on Saturday mornings to take care of our university. RUF provides breakfast sandwiches and drinks for the students, as well, which gives us a chance to connect with people who may not know about RUF. We love Campus Clean Up because it is an opportunity to share the Gospel while serving our campus as the hands and feet of Jesus. It’s a win-win!

Marcus | 3rd Year Campus Minister


1-1 Meetings Between RUF Ministry Staff and Students Happen Each Week

IN SCHOLARSHIPS Was Given to More Than 1,300 Students so They could attend summer conference

The return of Summer Conference was hugely catalytic for our group — in their love for one another and their excitement for the ministry of RUF on campus! We worked hard to re-jumpstart the tradition and boy did it pay off!

Bentley | 5th Year Campus Minister


MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the life of a student with your support of RUF.