Welcome to RUF! We are a new student group at MIT where students can explore and experience the Christian faith on campus with other students. We desire to know, experience, and spread the gospel - the good news of Jesus Christ - as we find it to be surprisingly beautiful and enduringly true here at MIT. Join us this fall as we consider what this good news means for us, our campus, and our world.

Get updates on what's happening by texting RUFMIT to 24587. Get in touch with our campus minister at 857.500.0557 or solomon.kim@ruf.org.


Large group

Wednesdays at 8pm


Additional Resources

For all meetings and events info, go to www.rufmit.org/calendar-and-events

Visit our Facebook page: http://facebook.com/MIT.RUF

Connect with us on Slack: http://rufmit.slack.com/ 

Solomon Kim

Solomon is a husband to Jane and father to Caleb and Katie. He was born and raised in Los Angeles, and has also lived in the Pacific Northwest, New York, Illinois, Florida, and Korea - but not in that order. The Kims moved to Boston in 2014 to begin a new chapter of RUF at MIT. Previously, Solomon worked in various ministry settings including a college ministry in Florida and a church plant in California. He is a Cornell alum, having studied Operations Research there, and completed his theological degree at Reformed Theological Seminary. Solomon loves traveling, going to baseball games, exploring Boston restaurants, and making coffee.

Solomon and Jane are here for college students. So feel free to contact them for any reason. They would love to meet with you.

Jennifer Marlow

Jennifer grew up in Spartanburg, South Carolina and graduated from Duke University in 2017. Before college she knew finding a Christian community was a priority, and by the end of her first semester she found that community in RUF. Throughout her four years of college she became deeply involved in the ministry - witnessing and participating in RUF's growth, building relationships with her closest friends, and experiencing the profound grace and hope of God. She also met her husband Ben Hoover through the Duke RUF chapter. The two of them are excited to be entering this new phase of life in Boston! 

Jennifer can often be found reading late into the night, laughing with friends, playing (and winning at) cards, and climbing magnolias to watch sunsets.