RUF exists to announce and demonstrate to the world the words and work of Jesus as well as provide the basis for the transformation of the world and the "healing of the nations.”

Why Work Here

RUF helps students fall deeper in love with Jesus and develop a lifelong faith. Who wouldn’t want to help do that?

Campus Ministers

RUF sends ordained campus ministers to campuses in order to communicate the gospel and to pastor students through their college years with the purpose of equipping them for a lifetime of ministry within the local church and world. Seminary training enables campus ministers to effectively anticipate and address the questions and challenges students face in a university setting.

Interested in becoming a campus minister with RUF?  

Email ministry@ruf.org.


Are you looking for an opportunity to grow personally, spiritually, and relationally? Curious to know what daily ministry looks like? Looking for some practical ministry experience before you make a long-term ministry decision? 

If so, the RUF Internship, a unique two-year experience, is for you. It is designed to provide you, as a recent college graduate, the opportunity to learn under, and minister alongside, a seasoned campus minister. It will expose you to all areas of ministry; building into the lives of students, leading small groups, attending training where you’ll be personally developed by RUF staff, and planning ministry events, just to name a few.

In addition to daily ministry responsibilities you will be required to complete a rigorous study program involving the study of scripture, the Westminster Confession of Faith, and books by authors such as Jerry Bridges, Paul David Tripp, and Tim Keller. This program will help you develop a deeper understanding of theology and people with the goal of teaching you how to intersect the two in wisdom and faith.

The 2019-2021 RUF Internship Application is now available.  Apply today!

If you are interested in serving international students on American campuses, please use the RUF International Intern Application to apply. 

Interested in becoming an RUF Intern? Send us an email at internships@ruf.org or fill out the Intern Interest Form so we can contact you. You can also email Emily Craft at ecraft@ruf.org. We’d love to hear from you!

Available to current interns and campus staff is our Intern and Staff Counselor, Casey Cockrum (casey.cockrum@ruf.org). 

Why be an RUF Intern?

Read one intern's perspective. 

Take an inside look at the purpose and benefits of the internship. This seven-minute video features former interns and RUF’s Assistant Coordinator explaining why the internship program with RUF is priceless.

RUF Intern Promo 2017 from RUF Videos on Vimeo.

What is life as a RUF Intern really like? from RUF Videos on Vimeo.

Curious about the main elements of the internship? Download a brief pamphlet.

You are able view the application questions in a dowloadable PDF to prepare your answers before submitting the online form.

"The internship is structured in such a way that you cannot NOT grow. Whether you are preparing for a vocation of ministry or bridging the gap between college and career, the internship prepares you for life as a part of the visible church. You grow mentally through the study program. You grow relationally through your interactions with students. You grow spiritually through your involvement with the ministry and your campus minister."

Christina Rodriquez, RUF Intern 2008-2010