Welcome to RUF at Tulane! We aim both to reach Tulane students for Christ and to equip them to serve. How? Because we believe that Jesus is the embodiment of love and the hope of the world, we seek to reveal to one another His love, that we may rest in it and be conformed to it.


Large Group

Wednesdays at 8 p.m.

LBC 202

Josiah Carey

Josiah is from Charlottesville, VA and after graduating from UVa he moved to New Orleans to teach at Carver Middle School. However, he loves to explore, and while exploring he found himself in school at Covenant Seminary in St. Louis. In St. Louis he also found himself dating a high school teacher. After seminary he returned to New Orleans to serve Redeemer Church, and then followed Will Tabor's footsteps as RUF Campus Minister at Tulane. The next year, an amazing woman - said high school teacher - packed her bags and departed St. Louis to share life with him. Kelley is now an English teacher at Carver High School. Josiah would really love it if you ask him to throw a frisbee with you. Kelley's up for frisbee but you may need to help her grade some papers first.