RUF: Texas Christian University

Reformed University Fellowship at TCU longs to be a community of students, “convinced” and the “unconvinced" alike, learning to love God, people, and TCU. Regardless of your beliefs (or doubts), RUF is a community where you can explore Christianity, grow in your understanding of who Jesus is, and learn what it looks like to walk with Him. We hope you'll join us!


Large Group

Wednesdays at 9 p.m.

Beck/Geren (BLUU)

Girls Bible Study

Thursdays at 9 a.m.

Chick-fil-a in the BLUU

Guys Bible Study

Fridays at 3 p.m.

Chick-fil-a in the BLUU

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Ryan Anderson

Ryan and his wife, Laura, moved to Fort Worth in 2011 to work with RUF at TCU. Ryan is from Franklin, TN and went to college at the University of Tennessee. Ryan and Laura (Davidson College) met while attending Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis, MO. Ryan met Laura at a ball where she suddenly left around midnight. Ryan was devastated, but (thankfully!) Laura, in her haste, providentially left behind one of the glass-slippers she was wearing. The next day, Ryan searched the village over to find the foot from which the slipper came. Eureka! It was Laura's! They soon married, sold their story to Disney, and the rest is history. Ryan and Laura have tons of pink in their house. This is due to their 3 daughters: Audrey (5), Evangeline (5), and Iris (2). The Andersons enjoy good food, exercising, and hanging out with college students. Not surprisingly, they are becoming aficionados in all-things Strawberry Shortcake. Lastly, Go Frogs!

Brittany Threadgill

Brittany grew up in Jackson, MS and completed her undergrad at The University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) in Oxford, MS where she studied Communication Sciences and Disorders. Brittany was involved with RUF during her 4 years in college, and it was within RUF that she found community, accountability, and gospel truth. All of which caused her faith in Jesus Christ to continue to grow. Brittany enjoys spending time with her friends, being outdoors and traveling. RUF helped make Oxford and Ole Miss feel like home during her 4 years there and she is delighted to continue with RUF on TCU’s campus.

Holt West

Holt grew up in San Antonio, TX. For undergrad, he attended The University of Texas (Austin) where he studied Chemistry and Classical Languages. Since campus ministry played such a huge role in the development of his relationship with Christ, he decided to become an intern for RUF to share that passion with others. Apart from ministry, Holt enjoys reading, playing the fiddle, triathlons, and a well smoked brisket.