RUF Midsouth covers more than 20 campuses across Alabama, Mississippi, West Tennessee and Arkansas. Les Newsom has been the Area Coordinator for that area since 2011.
Les Newsom
Area Coordinator

Les is a native of Memphis, TN and graduated from The University of Memphis in the 1991. He earned a Masters of Divinity from Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson graduating in 1994. In the Fall of '94, Les moved back to Memphis to start the ministry of RUF (Reformed University Fellowship) at The University of Memphis. He soon met and married Ginger Hubbard, a Jackson, MS native and Graduate of Ole Miss with her Masters in Mathematics. After five years in Memphis, Les was called to The University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) in the Fall of ’99. In the summer of 2011, Les accepted a position as Area Coordinator of RUF Midsouth, covering campuses in Alabama, Mississippi, West Tennessee and Arkansas. Les and Ginger are the proud parents of three beautiful children: Anna Grace, '99, Caroline, '01, and Luke, '04.