Welcome to RUF at Lehigh!

At Lehigh since 1998, we seek to love God, love people, and love Lehigh. We don't believe you can make this happen on your own, but it happens as you understand and rest in the love God has for you in Jesus. And because we all need to learn this, RUF is a place for all kinds of people, for those who are convinced, confused, and for the cynical.

Please join us for Worship, look into one of our small groups, or contact the staff if you would like to meet to chat.


Large Group

Tuesdays from 7pm - 8pm

in UC408 

Freshman Bible Study

Wednesdays from 7pm - 8pm

in the Hawk’s Nest Upper Lounge

Upperclassmen Bible Study

Mondays from 8pm - 9pm 

in the UC Upper court dinning area

Centennials Bible Study

Thursdays from 7pm - 8pm

Dialogue Center

Additional Resources

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Michael Goodlin

Michael is a 2015 Graduate of Westminster Theological Seminary and a 2008 graduate of Nyack College. He and his wife Natasha met at Nyack, have been married since 2012, and have two young children. Michael served in campus ministry as a student and has been helping with an RUF in Lancaster, PA since graduation. 

Candace Blackwelder

Candace grew up in sunny California in the Los Angeles area. During her senior year of high school, her family moved to rural Kentucky. After five and half years at the University of Kentucky, she graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. In her time in UK’s RUF, Candace began to experience the truth of the Gospel, redeem her view of the church, and plant in her heart a desire to teach women the Bible. She enjoys good conversation, hanging out with friends, exploring new places, laughing often, playing the mandolin, social dancing, and reading theological books. Candace looks forward to how the Lord will be at work in and through her at Lehigh University!