Welcome to RUF at Indiana University! RUF at IU is a community of both believing and skeptical students. We gather together in non-threatening settings to ask questions and wrestle with the story of the Bible and its implications for ourselves, our friends, and our campus. We are here for the "convinced" and "unconvinced," the burned out and the bored, the cynical and the spiritual. Ultimately, in our age of fragmented relationships, we long to connect students to a community and to a life of love that will sustain them for a lifetime.

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Eric Whitley

Eric and and his wife, Stephanie, were both born and raised in Kentucky. They met in Lexington, KY after Eric graduated from Indiana University and Stephanie graduated both from Western Kentucky University (undergrad) and the University of Kentucky (grad school). In 2007, they got married, moved to Saint Louis, and started their lives together as Eric attended Covenant Seminary and Stephanie worked. In 2011, they were called to remain in Saint Louis where Eric started serving as an Assistant Pastor at Covenant Presbyterian Church. Right around that same time, their daughter Anna Katherine came along, then son Callan in 2012, son Lawson in 2014, and finally daughter Cora in 2017. They could not be more thrilled to be in Bloomington and to be serving on IU's campus. Eric and Stephanie have long had a heart for young adults and college students and are so excited to be ministering to students at IU. They enjoy spending time with their 4 crazy kids, trying new foods and restaurants, playing golf, going on dates, eating sushi, and catching the latest show on Netflix.

Mary Paxton Gibson

Mary Paxton grew up in Jackson, MS before heading off to college in Dallas, TX at Southern Methodist University. She was involved with RUF throughout her entire time in college ever since the RUF BBQ the first week of her freshman year. RUF impacted her life in such a profound way that she decided to pursue an internship with them after graduating in 2016. After two years of serving as an intern, she is excited to continue working for RUF as Campus Staff at Indiana University. You’re likely to find her either in a hammock or on a nearby dance floor with a coke and cheez-its in hand.

Kerek Plummer

Kerek grew up in Lexington, KY before heading off to college at Eastern Kentucky University (EKU). While at EKU he was involved in several campus ministries. Toward the end of his college career he moved back to his home town of Lexington and got connected with RUF at the University of Kentucky through his home church, Tates Creek Presbyterian Church. RUF has been a strong gospel influence in Kerek's life through their teaching, discipleship and community, and he is thrilled to be laboring on the the college campus with them. Kerek enjoys being inside, spontaneous plans, and laughing until it hurts.