What the Internship Provides
What is life as a RUF Intern really like?
Spiritual Growth

If you’ve read anything about the RUF internship before, you’ve heard it said that “it is impossible not to grow!” That statement has proven to be true over and over, and the growth that has meant the most to our interns over the years is the spiritual growth they experienced while serving in the internship. One of the greatest privileges we have as believers in Christ is to deeply know our Savior, Maker, and King. We are all starting at a different point in our relationship with Jesus, but we’re all moving towards the same place: to know Him and be fully known by Him. The RUF Internship won’t get you all the way there, but it will move you further along in your journey. It may not be easy, but it will be good.

"Before the internship I was way too afraid to be broken, scared, and sad to be brought low by myself or anyone else. The Lord grown me in my identity as a daughter, and grown me in resilience to trust Him because He's a good Father."

Mary Carlisle Crehore, Intern 2016-2018


The internship is a double edged sword. It's a unique blend of emotional and spiritual chaos, while at the same time feeling the most alive you've been in your entire life as you witness God's faithfulness to you.
Robert Knuth
Mentoring & Discipleship

There are few jobs that supply one with direct access to pastoral care. As an intern, you’re provided with a boss, a friend and a pastor in your Campus Minister. This is where growth through mentoring and discipleship happen. For the two years of the internship your Campus Minister will shepherd you, fight for you, teach you, challenge you, call you to repentance, and share his family with you. It is through this teaching and living life alongside that you grow in what “discipleship” really means, and the way you will live life with your students will be colored by the way your Campus Minister lives life with you. 

“I felt really prepared by RUF to do this job, but the aspect of my preparation that was most valuable was the humility and gentleness modeled for me by RUF campus ministers and staff who sometimes, tears in their eyes, said "I don't know", but prayed with me, listened to me, reaffirmed the truth of the Gospel etc. The truth is it is impossible to predict all an intern will experience/deal with in the time on campus. But the love and biblical example displayed by my campus minister and RUF as a whole is the best foundation, regardless of what does occur.”

Conrad Quiros, Intern Class of 2013

While I've learned so much about ministry, people, and relationships in this job, I'm most grateful for the ways it has shaped my own heart. I'm most thankful for the growth in humility, love of prayer, repentance, and dependence on Him through my years as an intern.
Caroline White
Leadership & Entrepreneurial Development

RUF interns are solely reliant on the generosity of the Church and individuals for support. Raising support is not an easy task. Learning how to raise money for the ministry of RUF will teach you how to speak to people in a professional way, how to ask people to come alongside you in your work with this ministry, and how to responsibly time manage and meet deadlines. But there is more to the job than just development. As an intern and a part of a team, you will find yourself using various skills connecting people, connecting with people, planning events, leading events, handling administrative tasks and delegating tasks. The internship is the best way to launch yourself out of college.

"The incredibly flexible schedule of an RUF Intern has been both a great gift and a great challenge for me. Learning to create a schedule and stick to it has been an incredibly valuable life skill to develop. And for my friends who are naturally more planning-oriented, the flexibility has been a wonderful, challenging opportunity to learn how to trust and rest in God's sovereignty."

"I'm naturally a gatherer, a hype-(wo)man, great at getting things started and having lots of ideas. While those are great gifts, I know that wherever life takes me in the future I can credit the RUF internship with teaching me to be better able to prioritize, pace myself, and follow through. That goes for ideas in the work place, relationships, time management--you name it."  

Kelsey Vaughn, Intern Class of 2014

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A Year in the Life
Begin official RUF employment June 1st! Attend June Orientation & July Staff Training. Begin the Intern Study Program. Begin fundraising work.
School begins! Move to campus. Begin meeting students through various avenues. Kick off large group meetings. Embrace fall activities like tailgating, costume parties, cook-outs & intramural sports. Continue work in the Study Program.
Help plan and attend Fall Conference. Head back to Atlanta for October Intern Training. Yep, Study Program.
Wrap up first semester. Head home over Christmas break for a time of rest, family, and connecting with donors. Oh yeah, and Study Program.
Head back to campus and dive into large group, Bible studies, and further one-on-one relationships. Continue second semester of Study Program.
Spring Break Mission Trip. End of year activities like graduation and final large group. Also, you guessed it, the Study Program.
Summer Conference! Study Program on the beach!