Students Are Back!

Julia Rushing  |  September 08, 2016

Class started last week, and it's the busiest time of the ministry year here in Berkeley, but I couldn't wait until it slows down to share how encouraging it has been!  Praise God for His faithfulness to RUF and His work in and through it yesterday, today and tomorrow!

Two weekends ago we went on a retreat with our student leadership team to Napa to remember why RUF exists and to pray and prepare for the year.

Last Monday we handed out 300 water bottles to primarily freshman and transfer students and served 300 people dinner on campus at our annual Welcome Week BBQ.  One of my favorite parts of this job is learning the names, faces and stories of these new students we've been praying for and inviting them into the RUF community.

Last Tuesday we had our first Large Group.  Over 100 students attended...more than RUF has ever seen in its eleven years here.  I was reminded again how much God loves this campus, no matter how numbers fluctuate from here.  Next to the fact that so many people heard the good news of God's love and work for them, the most encouraging part of this night was seeing our student leaders scattered throughout the room meeting and welcoming new students because they have been welcomed by Christ. To see students come alive to take ownership of the ministry that is theirs is so exciting!  Also, starting next week, four students will start leading Bible studies. God has done a great work in these four girls and seeing students do ministry is amazing!

Over the past two weeks, I've gotten to reconnect with students to hear about their summers. Victoria, a sophomore exploring Christianity, took herself to church on Sundays in her hometown because she wanted a place to ask questions about God while she was away from RUF and to hear the Gospel message she finds more and more compelling.  Justine, a senior who has wrestled with the intellectual validity of Christianity her whole college career, spent some time at L'Abri (a retreat center for Christian study in Switzerland) this summer seeking answers to many of her questions and returned to Berkeley with new joy and confidence because of the God she believes in.

We wait in hopeful anticipation of what the rest of the year holds!  RUF wants God to be known by our love for one another.  RUF also wants God to be known by our submission and obedience to His Word, even when the world thinks it foolish.  Pray for the Spirit's help to enable us to do these things so that others may come to know the living God.