Back to Campus

Brooke Lewis  |  August 12, 2016

I observed the students bustle their way to and from class as I sat in the Student Union Building on the first day. You could tell the difference between the returning students and the new arrivals based on their confidence, their friend-groups, and their demeanor. The eyes of a Freshman were filled with nervous excitement, their loneliness was masked by the ear-buds they wore, and their demeanor was skittish and shy. One girl was so nervous about the first day of school that all during welcome week she would daily check her classes, the locations, and make sure the times were not changed. Another student was nervous that she would not do well in her classes and let the pressure seep into her soul before they even began.

During welcome week I was able to meet several new students and introduce them to the community of RUF. Several are already eager to come to every event RUF puts on, attesting to God’s magnificent work in student’s lives even before they step on to campus. While having lunch with a new student, she told me that she did not have very many friends in high school and was excited to be a part of a community that loves living life together. I anticipate all the ways that the Family of God will grow and be seen on the Texas Tech campus.

Texas Tech’s new campus minister, Dagan Mayfield, officially began work on campus a little over a week ago, making the start of this school year a bright transition. He is both excited and nervous about serving the campus of Texas Tech, making him relatable to all the new students as they too are excited and nervous. To see returning students welcome and love both Dagan and the new students with open arms is a picture of true Christlikeness.

God is continuously merciful to RUF at Texas Tech. He was gracious to provide us with a new campus minister right as the new school year began so that we would not have to be without one. He has brought new students into RUF that are full of eagerness to be involved with the community. The dynamics of RUF are different as new faces have arrived, but God grows His people through change. It is through change that we learn how to step outside of our mini-kingdoms and learn to see the world in new ways, to love new people, and lean upon the unchanging character of the God of great mercy.