RUF Announces New West Coast Area Coordinator

April 01, 2014

Reformed University Fellowship is pleased to announce that Reverend Pat Roach will be serving as the West Coast Area Coordinator as of June 1, 2014.

"I'm genuinely humbled to minister with RUF as an area coordinator for campuses in the West. I especially look forward to serving the campus ministers who pastor students on universities in places as different as Boise, ID to Santa Barbara, CA,” Pat said. Pat is a graduate of Westminster Seminary and later moved to Houston to serve as the campus minister at Rice University. He is currently founding pastor at Hope Presbyterian Church in Portland, OR, where has served for seven years. With previous experience as a campus minister and in the local church, Pat’s knowledge will be invaluable as he begins his work as an area coordinator. “RUF campus ministers do yeoman work in challenging ministry contexts, and I deeply want to see them grow in the same grace they proclaim to students," Pat remarked.

Pat has been married to his wife, Ashley, for 17 years and has three children: Mary (15), Anna (13), and James (11). Pat and his family will remain in Portland, OR as they begin their ministry with RUF.