4 Reasons Why RUF Spring Semester Rules

Les Newsom  |  January 13, 2015

If you are a freshman, this comes as news to you. If you have been down this road before, it should sound familiar. Here it comes: Spring semester is really different than the Fall. By that I mean, it’s so much better. Truthfully, there’s hardly a better time to be involved with RUF. Why?

1. The Spring semester means you feel less “lost” on campus.
You will notice in the next few weeks your campus feeling somewhat less menacing than it did when you got here in August. The simple reason is that you know where the cafeteria is. You know where it’s easy to get parking for that anthropology class you’re always late for. You know how to get to Walmart and back. Believe it or not, this semester, school can start to feel like home.

2. The Spring semester is a time to dig deeper into your campus.
Both administration and faculty have settled into a rhythm. Campus wide events, research projects, student volunteerism movements…all these thrive when there is less pressure to help everyone navigate the Fall mania. For RUF too, spring is the time in which many of the relationships you developed with the campus minister, the interns or other RUF attendees mature into something more substantive.

3. The Spring semester activities are easy to plug into.
Trust me: cabin fever is a thing. Rather than being cooped up inside a germ-infested dorm all winter, why not try getting out and attending an activity with RUF: Winter Conference, a Spring Break trip, service weekends. Trust me, there are more than enough ways to jump in. 

4. The Spring semester is the time to go deeper with Christian community.
We say it all the time in RUF: the Fall moves outward, the Spring moves deeper. Ask yourself this question: what was God doing with you in the Fall? What did you learn about Him, or yourself? Then consider this: what if God was in it all, moving, convicting, challenging, encouraging? And what if the primary way in which He was working in YOU was through the lives of OTHERS following Him?

So on your chilly ride back home, with all your worldly possessions packed in the backseat, think about the possibilities and where God could take you this semester with RUF.